sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2015


Born 1972, UK. Lives and works in London.

My work explores the relationship between the body and identity whilst also questioning traditional conceptions of corporeality and of the male nude. In my photography the body is presented as unstable, ambiguous, permeable, and lacking a singular coherent form. I depict the body not as a protective envelope that defines and unifies our limits, but rather, a place of interface between the subject and the other. The bodys boundaries are questioned and the closure and integrity of the self is placed in doubt. In my work the body is no longer the space that secures the idea of self, it is the domain where the self is contested and called into question. 

Photography is a particularly appropriate medium for my purposes given its historical associations and recent digital transformation. Photography once appeared to provide us with causally generated truthful records of things in the world. It reinforced the Cartesian idea of a disembodied self, capable of attaining certain knowledge from a stable viewpoint. In the digital age this definition of photography has collapsed, yet the belief in the photograph as a faithful record of reality stubbornly persists. I see an analogous shift in modern understandings of the self. Cartesian notions of self stable, ordered, discrete, disembodied, permanent, unchanging have given way to a fragmented self - unstable, constantly in flux, embodied, impermanent, fluid. My images equate the temporal and spatial indeterminacies of the bodies and selves they depict with the analogous fragmentation of photographic representation in a digital age where its old certainties have been compromised. 

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