terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016


Utilizando de uma maneira extraordinária luz e sombra, o fotógrafo Souichi Furusho clica cenas simples, mas que ficam deslumbrantes a partir de seu olhar único.
Paisagens abstratas e oníricas tornam o seu trabalho ainda mais interessante. Estamos dentro de sonhos ou pensamentos de Furusho?


Resultado de imagem para souichi furusho





Resultado de imagem para souichi furusho

Nationality: Japan | Born: 1977
I live in Kumamoto-Japan, and work as a graphic designer in the field of advertising media. 
I discovered iPhoneography on Facebook and Flickr a couple of years ago, about the same time I bought my iPhone. That was followed by a variety of delightful encounters with people online. I have since participated in exhibitions in "Spain, The Netherlands, and California" along with iPhonegraphers from various countries. Although I had no prior experience whatsoever as a photographer, I was familiar with working with photographs as part of my career in graphics. My style is what I call "freedom & simple", and I approach it from many different angles. This style is the result of pursuing my own vision, which is represented by my works. iPhoneography has provided interesting opportunities for my new form of representation. 

The umbrella has become a symbol essential to my work. For me, the umbrella embodies the thoughts and dreams of people. This is a series of images using the umbrella as “a vehicle which carries a dream.

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