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You can buy this entire Italian village in Tuscany for $59 million

An entire Tuscan village is up for sale for $59 million

Have you ever dreamt about what you would do if you won the lotto? But of course you have.
Perhaps you’ve longed for a trip to Europe or, better yet, a slice of the Italian property market. Who wouldn’t want to drink wine under a vine-covered terrace on their very own Tuscan estate, right? Well, gather 100-plus of your closest friends, because your dreams might just be about to become reality.    
Poggio Santa Cecila, an 800-year-old village perched on a Tuscan hilltop, has hit the market for €40 million ($59 million). The 700-hectare village includes a medieval castle, cobbled streets lined with terraced houses and piazzas, 20 individual farmhouses, an extensive underground cellar, orchards and olive groves, vineyards, lakes, treed forests, and even your very own church with a bell tower. 
For hundreds of years Poggio Santa Cecila bustled with life, but by the 1960s the village was all but abandoned as young residents migrated to the cities in search of work. The large estate was purchased by a group of five friends with grand plans almost 50 years ago, but they have done very little to alter it since.
So, take a moment to imagine what you would do to bring this sleeping beauty back to life, because you never know when your numbers might come up.
Photos: Essentis Group

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