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‘Casa Brutale’ cliff home to be built in Lebanon

Would you dare live here? The original concept for the Casa Brutale.

Remember ‘Casa Brutale’, the extreme home concept carved into the side of a hillside? Well, it could be soon become a reality.
Construction is now reportedly planned for a location just outside Beirut, Lebanon, with an approximate budget of US$2.5 million ($3.27 million). 
The original plan, which made headlines in July last year, was to have the striking building embedded in a cliff, overlooking the Aegean Sea in Greece.

It’s new location will be a Faqra mountain on about 1600 square metres, with dimensions expanded to 270 square metres and an extra bedroom added. It has room for six people and underground parking for three cars. 
The residence was the brainchild of architectural, industrial and graphic design platform OPA (Open Platform for Architecture), and was intended to be built from wood, concrete and glass.
The roof was to be a pool made from reinforced glass. 
The interior of the building.The interior of the building. Photo: Rendering by OPA.
None of the building would sit above the surface. It was intended to quite literally penetrate the landscape, as “poetic homage to pure Brutalism.”  
Although the location has changed, the visual impact of the structure has not with the new plans the maintaining most of the original vision, including the rooftop pool.
ARUP, a global consulting company, is reported to be charged with engineering of the Lebanon build, working with a local firm Sarkis Azadian Architects. No word as yet as to when it will be completed.
The pool-as-roof has survived in the current iteration.The pool-as-roof has survived in the current iteration. Photo: Rendering by OPA.
The update floor plan.
The updated floor plan. Source: OPA
The updated floor plan.
The updated floor plan.  Source: OPA

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